Testimonials for Julia Pimsleur

Anna Pizarro

CEO of Roomscaper

The Double Digit Academy was truly an inspiring experience. Julia provided useful, real world strategies and tactics to apply to the process of seeking and acquiring venture capital and early seed investment. Structured around collaborative learning sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs, communication experts, and investors, the workshop extended my business network, supplied me with solid advice and set forth a concrete plan to better position myself to the investor community.

Eloise Bune

Founder & CEO of Gracious Eloise

If you are looking to raise angel or venture capital in the next 6-12 months I highly recommend you attend Julia Pimsleur’s Double Digit Academy. Julia creates a supportive and noncompetitive environment where female Founders can gain tools on how to raise venture capital. I learned valuable term sheet terminology, as well as tips from a professional public speaking coach on how to give a great pitch by just being authentic to who you are. I walked out of this workshop empowered, informed, and with new friends. Thanks Julia!

Robin Young

CEO, Women Behaving Wealthy

Attending Double Digit Academy was transformational.  I have such clarity around raising venture capital and angel investment and for that I am deeply grateful.
If you need capital for your business, then you need Julia Pimsleur and the Double Digit Academy!  This workshop is packed with the tangible and intangible roadmap to cash and to help you answer the proverbial question – do you want to have the big slice of a small pie or a small slice of a big pie?  My investment into this class saved me months of knocking on the wrong doors with the wrong pitch.  As an added bonus, I have a community of women who understand my plight and goals and who will be my buddies on this journey.

Lydia Loizides

CEO of Gggrit.com

The Double Digit Academy was fantastic! On the eve of a trip to the Silicon Valley, all the information that Julia covered was invaluable. The most important part for me: the female POV. It’s hard enough being a female founder and CEO but the process of seeking and acquiring venture capital and early seed investment is so very different for women, her honestly, frankness and tactical business approaches were right on the money. Thank you, Julia. What a great way to pay it forward!

Lisa Duggan

CEO, The Modern Village: Continuing Education for Parents

Everyone complains about the meager 4% of funding awarded to female entrepreneurs, but Julia Pimsleur decided to do something about it. Double Digit Academy is a one-day, skill-building intensive workshop that goes beyond the rah rah rhetoric of conferences normally dedicated to women business founders. Julia offers real-world, actionable information for obtaining venture capital investment, including term sheets, positioning and how to come to the pitch. My fellow participants ranged from nascent boot-strapping entrepreneurs, like myself, and females ready for their second rounds. I can’t recommend DDA enough and feel tremendously lucky to have been included in their premiere workshop.

Mark Arena

CEO of The PR Verdict, former Mg Director of Corporate Communications, UBS Americas

If you want a roadmap from A to Z about how to raise funds, for any project, then Julia is the person you need. With her experience in both capital raising and the “not for profit” sector, she has the field covered in explaining how to package and market a proposal. Her record is impressive and speaks for itself but more importantly she has also experienced personally the roadblock and frustrations that inevitably arise when you take on an ambitious project. Her wisdom and practical experience in navigating these inevitable moments is what will make the difference to any entrepreneur looking to get a project off the ground. Can’t recommend this enough!

Lara Galinsky

SVP, Echoing Green

I had the pleasure of working with Julia when she served as chief fundraiser for the nonprofit Echoing Green, and saw her fundraising acumen in action. She has a particular knack for offering smart, tried-and-true advice on fundraising that is put in a way that is easy to implement immediately. It’s at the exact right level for you to internalize and own it yourself. Further, Julia is particularly skilled in building your confidence in fundraising; with her sense of humor and knack for teaching, I highly recommend her training.

Testimonials for Bill Smartt

Karen McGrane

Web Strategy and User Experience Design

I speak at high-profile conferences all over the world. I’m good. But I want to be GREAT.
Enter Bill Smartt. He was a true coach. He honed in on behaviors and verbal tics that got in the way of my ideas when I was speaking. He gave me truly actionable advice, tips that really made a difference when I was on stage. And he was funny, charming, and put me at ease throughout the process (even when I was completely neurotic about having to rehearse my talks for him.).
The result: I had a couple of Very Important Talks this fall and I killed. Best presentations I’ve ever given. All due credit goes to Bill Smartt.

Amanda Neville

Business, Brand & Content Strategist, Entrepreneur

Bill worked with me to improve my presentation skills. He suggested practical tips that I can use as I prepare for big meetings and professional networking events. He coached me on my delivery, suggesting useful breathing and speech techniques. And he helped me craft my messages to be concise, meaningful and authentic. Thanks to our work together I feel more confident when it comes to critical client and business development interactions.

Marah Lidey

Mobile Strategy Manager

One word to describe Bill Smartt’s speaking workshop + personality, AMAZING. His coaching skills come off as effortless and intuitive. He was very sensitive in helping me and 6 others calm our nerves and learn how best to work with the things that prevent us from being great speakers. No matter what your age or career path, I would definitely recommend Bill as a speaking coach for all types of professionals.

Audrey Gray

VP, Executive Communications at American Express

What does it take to turn nervous, rambling, PPT-addicted mid-career professionals into genuine, funny, better-than-a-TED-talk presentation aces? In my experience, it takes Bill Smartt. Bill has an eclectic background as both a New York actor and a corporate comms pro …and what a powerful combination that is. He offers practical guidance for owning any podium (“Are you still breathing?!”) as well as an understanding of the complexities in financial messaging. And as an added bonus, he brings a dose of Southern graciousness to all tasks at hand. I love what he’s done with us.

Erika Knudson

Associate Director of Marketing, Princeton University Office of Development

If you have a big presentation or speech on the horizon, or just want to polish your speaking skills, Bill is your man. When a colleague and I had a presentation to give at Confab, Bill worked with us to hone both the structure of our presentation and our delivery. He was brimming with creative ideas and on-target tips, and his coaching boosted our confidence, helped us polish our slides, and gave us great advice for everything from breathing to modulating our pace. He is insightful and incisive, and I highly recommend that you find out for yourself how amazing Bill is. Hire him. His last name is very appropriate: After working with him, you’ll definitely feel smart with an extra “t”, and ready to face any audience.

Maria Zeckhausen

Director at Credit Suisse

Bill served as communications coach for IT women, sharing his acting expertise and experience to develop their presentation and presence skills. His workshops were very popular and always had an extensive waiting list. Bill’s practical tips and friendly approach are engaging and effective at developing oral communications and presentation skills, and his expertise is so advanced that even seasoned presenters stand to learn something new.