City Of New York Legal Department

The NYC Department of Environmental Protection and the NYC Department of Buildings have stated that sewer linings are “Illegal” and “Not an approved repair method”. There are many reasons why liners and trenchless sewer installations are not approved.

Some of the reasons sewer liners are illegal:Sewer liners coat defects without correcting them (back-pitched pipe, disjointed pipe, root intrusions, crushed pipe, etc.).Sewer Liners cut off branch connections (area drains, rain leader lines, storm sewer connections, neighboring connections, etc.).Sewer liners can intrude into the Public sewer system.

Typically Licensed Plumbers in NYC never install sewer liners; their license is at stake! If you have had such an installation performed, or been victimized by a contractor performing such an installation, please email, you may be entitled to a complete refund.The NYC DEP says ‘The relining of house connections is not an approved repair method’.

The NYC Department of Buildings says ‘Where appropriate the City may subpeona records of contractors who it believes is performing such illegal work’.The New York Daily News says ‘Sewer Lining Is Gold For Scam Artists’.The New York Daily News goes further ‘It doesn’t smell right’ .About the Sewer Liners Are Illegal Web Site.

We are established as a Free service to aide in consumer protection. All information, responses, advice, and services are provided at no charge. Sewer linings can intrude into and disrupt the City sewer system, will cut off branch services, will cut off shared sewer connections, will decrease the opening in your pipe, can coat existing defects without correcting them, leave many defects in place, and are not legal.

We Seek to Protect Homeowners From

Unlicensed and Licensed Contractors performing illegal sewer liner installations for unsuspecting Clients. We welcome requests for further information from you, and instances where these illegal liners were installed. We hope to stop these illegal installations and aide property owners in financial recourse where these illegal liners have been installed.