Pick the Right Designer Suits for Women: A Complete Guide

The designer suit is basically a suit or dress made according to the pattern designed and named from the designer. This doesn’t indicate that the suit was handmade or custom tailored by the designer. The main point of difference between the designer suit and suits found at a high street chain is these suits are cut in the style as designed and flavored by the designers. The pricing of these suits also helps to judge the quality and make them better and long lasting when compared to their low end counterparts. Unlike the less expensive and no named suits, these designer suits come with quite many additional features. There are some basic features that can be leveraged while buying a designer couture such as: https://www.gofynd.com/women/ethnic-wear/kurta-kurtis-anarkalis/anarkalis


The color of a suit is something which acts as the first impression while buying a suit. The skin color of an individual should get a contrasting effect while selecting the color of your suit. The color is more of an individual choice, yet one should be aware regarding their selection since the color should be syncing well along with their personality.


The quality of a designer suit is better off than no named and no branded suits. It’s more important to look for a better fabric quality and comfort. Most of the best quality suits are not shiny. They are generally made of natural materials. Pick stitching is an example of extreme detail which is used in high-quality suits. Interestingly, the best quality suits are hand stitched instead of having any machine intervention. Use of machine in stitching pulls the fabric and reducesor affects the quality of the suits.


Design is another important factor which also acts as a differentiating factor for the designer suits. This is where most of the designer suits have their elegance and emblem on their design pattern. Designer suits are mostly decorated and designed by professionals and renowned fashion designer. Here are some more kurtis designs.

Every designer has their own creative aspect to their design. In order to select a designer suit based on their design, one should take a similar approach to that of color. Designs are specific to personality and would have a reflection of you. So, before buying a designer suit, one should consider one’s personality which would suit them the most.


The pattern is something which works well with body shape and size. It helps to soften their features. There are enumerable number of patterns available but mostly categorized in groups like stripes and checks. Although these patterns are more restricted in men, for women the options are broader. For selecting a suit based on pattern, it is more of a best fit for your individual body shape and size.

Style, Trend and Fashion

Any designer suit will reflect your style and also relate to some trend and ongoing fashion in the market. Among the three, style is something which is more individualistic. This means based on your body and personality you should select the style of your suit. Regarding the trend and fashion, you can refer to blogs and website to find out the current fashion and trend on the market which can provide some exclusiveness to your personality

The Last Words

The designer suits are mostly created and carry the tagline of the designers. Some of them like Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora, Priyanka Ella, and many more design the best designer suits one can opt without any thoughts. These suits have the best blend of all the factors and provide uniqueness and exclusiveness to individual’s personality.