Pick the Right Designer Suits for Women: A Complete Guide

The designer suit is basically a suit or dress made according to the pattern designed and named from the designer. This doesn’t indicate that the suit was handmade or custom tailored by the designer. The main point of difference between the designer suit and suits found at a high street chain is these suits are cut in the style as designed and flavored by the designers. The pricing of these suits also helps to judge the quality and make them better and long lasting when compared to their low end counterparts. Unlike the less expensive and no named suits, these designer suits come with quite many additional features. There are some basic features that can be leveraged while buying a designer couture such as: https://www.gofynd.com/women/ethnic-wear/kurta-kurtis-anarkalis/anarkalis


The color of a suit is something which acts as the first impression while buying a suit. The skin color of an individual should get a contrasting effect while selecting the color of your suit. The color is more of an individual choice, yet one should be aware regarding their selection since the color should be syncing well along with their personality.


The quality of a designer suit is better off than no named and no branded suits. It’s more important to look for a better fabric quality and comfort. Most of the best quality suits are not shiny. They are generally made of natural materials. Pick stitching is an example of extreme detail which is used in high-quality suits. Interestingly, the best quality suits are hand stitched instead of having any machine intervention. Use of machine in stitching pulls the fabric and reducesor affects the quality of the suits.


Design is another important factor which also acts as a differentiating factor for the designer suits. This is where most of the designer suits have their elegance and emblem on their design pattern. Designer suits are mostly decorated and designed by professionals and renowned fashion designer. Here are some more kurtis designs.

Every designer has their own creative aspect to their design. In order to select a designer suit based on their design, one should take a similar approach to that of color. Designs are specific to personality and would have a reflection of you. So, before buying a designer suit, one should consider one’s personality which would suit them the most.


The pattern is something which works well with body shape and size. It helps to soften their features. There are enumerable number of patterns available but mostly categorized in groups like stripes and checks. Although these patterns are more restricted in men, for women the options are broader. For selecting a suit based on pattern, it is more of a best fit for your individual body shape and size.

Style, Trend and Fashion

Any designer suit will reflect your style and also relate to some trend and ongoing fashion in the market. Among the three, style is something which is more individualistic. This means based on your body and personality you should select the style of your suit. Regarding the trend and fashion, you can refer to blogs and website to find out the current fashion and trend on the market which can provide some exclusiveness to your personality

The Last Words

The designer suits are mostly created and carry the tagline of the designers. Some of them like Ritu Kumar, Manish Arora, Priyanka Ella, and many more design the best designer suits one can opt without any thoughts. These suits have the best blend of all the factors and provide uniqueness and exclusiveness to individual’s personality.


What is the Academy?

The Double Digit Academy was created by CEO and experienced fundraiser Julia Pimsleur as a response to the alarming statistic that only 4% of Venture Capital in the U.S. is invested in women-run businesses. Julia founded the Academy to provide a time-efficient  and cost -effective way for women to secure Venture Capital and grow their business.

The Academy is for women who are considering or embarking on raising Venture Capital. In a one-day intensive workshop women learn what kind of deck, pitch and financials will increase their chances of success, how to  approach VCs, and  benefit  from one-on-one work with a public speaking coach. The Academy is offered quarterly, and accommodates up to eight participants.

Julia Pimsleur is the instructor of the Academy, and is joined by Bill Smartt, acclaimed public speaking coach. Julia is a veteran fundraiser and champion of women in business. She has raised over $25M of which $4.5M in venture and angel funding and $20M in philanthropic dollars. The Academy is her way of continuing to support and mentor women,
and thereby help drive the number of women-owned, VC-funded businesses into the “double digits”.

Stats about VC funding and women in business:

  • 30% of privately-held businesses in the U.S. are women-owned.
  • 4% of venture capital invested in the U.S. goes to women-run companies.
  • 1.8% of businesses in the U.S. generating over $1 million in revenues are women-run.
  • Women are starting new companies at a rate 1.5 times higher than a national average.
  • Though women make up half the U.S. population and represent 46% of the workforce, they make up a small percentage of the investment community. Fewer than 11% of partners at venture capital firms are women and fewer than 15% of angel investors.
  • Among start-ups, 8% of the founders are women.
  • In 2011, there were more than 8.1 million women-owned businesses generating almost $1.3 trillion in revenue and employing about 7.7 million people.

Double Digit Academy will increase your chances of successful fundraising, improve your presentation skills and save you months of research . Learn from experienced professionals and benefit from ongoing peer-to-peer learning with other women entrepreneurs.…


Testimonials for Julia Pimsleur

Anna Pizarro

CEO of Roomscaper

The Double Digit Academy was truly an inspiring experience. Julia provided useful, real world strategies and tactics to apply to the process of seeking and acquiring venture capital and early seed investment. Structured around collaborative learning sessions led by experienced entrepreneurs, communication experts, and investors, the workshop extended my business network, supplied me with solid advice and set forth a concrete plan to better position myself to the investor community.

Eloise Bune

Founder & CEO of Gracious Eloise

If you are looking to raise angel or venture capital in the next 6-12 months I highly recommend you attend Julia Pimsleur’s Double Digit Academy. Julia creates a supportive and noncompetitive environment where female Founders can gain tools on how to raise venture capital. I learned valuable term sheet terminology, as well as tips from a professional public speaking coach on how to give a great pitch by just being authentic to who you are. I walked out of this workshop empowered, informed, and with new friends. Thanks Julia!

Robin Young

CEO, Women Behaving Wealthy

Attending Double Digit Academy was transformational.  I have such clarity around raising venture capital and angel investment and for that I am deeply grateful.
If you need capital for your business, then you need Julia Pimsleur and the Double Digit Academy!  This workshop is packed with the tangible and intangible roadmap to cash and to help you answer the proverbial question – do you want to have the big slice of a small pie or a small slice of a big pie?  My investment into this class saved me months of knocking on the wrong doors with the wrong pitch.  As an added bonus, I have a community of women who understand my plight and goals and who will be my buddies on this journey.

Lydia Loizides

CEO of Gggrit.com

The Double Digit Academy was fantastic! On the eve of a trip to the Silicon Valley, all the information that Julia covered was invaluable. The most important part for me: the female POV. It’s hard enough being a female founder and CEO but the process of seeking and acquiring venture capital and early seed investment is so very different for women, her honestly, frankness and tactical business approaches were right on the money. Thank you, Julia. What a great way to pay it forward!

Lisa Duggan

CEO, The Modern Village: Continuing Education for Parents

Everyone complains about the meager 4% of funding awarded to female entrepreneurs, but Julia Pimsleur decided to do something about it. Double Digit Academy is a one-day, skill-building intensive workshop that goes beyond the rah rah rhetoric of conferences normally dedicated to women business founders. Julia offers real-world, actionable information for obtaining venture capital investment, including term sheets, positioning and how to come to the pitch. My fellow participants ranged from nascent boot-strapping entrepreneurs, like myself, and females ready for their second rounds. I can’t recommend DDA enough and feel tremendously lucky to have been included in their premiere workshop.

Mark Arena

CEO of The PR Verdict, former Mg Director of Corporate Communications, UBS Americas

If you want a roadmap from A to Z about how to raise funds, for any project, then Julia is the person you need. With her experience in both capital raising and the “not for profit” sector, she has the field covered in explaining how to package and market a proposal. Her record is impressive and speaks for itself but more importantly she has also experienced personally the roadblock and frustrations that inevitably arise when you take on an ambitious project. Her wisdom and practical experience in navigating these inevitable moments is what will make the difference to any entrepreneur looking to get a project off the ground. Can’t recommend this enough!

Lara Galinsky

SVP, Echoing Green

I had the pleasure of working with Julia when she served as chief fundraiser for the nonprofit Echoing Green, and saw her fundraising acumen in action. She has a particular knack for offering smart, tried-and-true advice on fundraising that is put in a way that is easy to implement immediately. It’s at the exact right level for you to internalize and own it yourself. Further, Julia is particularly skilled in building your confidence in fundraising; with her sense of humor and knack for teaching, I highly recommend her training.

Testimonials for Bill Smartt

Karen McGrane

Web Strategy and User Experience Design

I speak at high-profile conferences all over the world. I’m good. But I want to be GREAT.
Enter Bill Smartt. He was a true coach. He honed in on behaviors and verbal tics that got in the way of my ideas when I was speaking. He gave me truly actionable advice, tips that really made a difference when I was on stage. And he was funny, charming, and put me at ease throughout the process (even when I was completely neurotic about having to rehearse my talks for him.).
The result: I had a couple of Very Important Talks this fall and I killed. Best presentations I’ve ever given. All due credit goes to Bill Smartt.

Amanda Neville

Business, Brand & Content Strategist, Entrepreneur

Bill worked with me to improve my presentation skills. He suggested practical tips that I can use as I prepare for big meetings and professional networking events. He coached me on my delivery, suggesting useful breathing and speech techniques. And he helped me craft my messages to be concise, meaningful and authentic. Thanks to our work together I feel more confident when it comes to critical client and business development interactions.

Marah Lidey

Mobile Strategy Manager

One word to describe Bill Smartt’s speaking workshop + personality, AMAZING. His coaching skills come off as effortless and intuitive. He was very sensitive in helping me and 6 others calm our nerves and learn how best to work with the things that prevent us from being great speakers. No matter what your age or career path, I would definitely recommend Bill as a speaking coach for all types of professionals.

Audrey Gray

VP, Executive Communications at American Express

What does it take to turn nervous, rambling, PPT-addicted mid-career professionals into genuine, funny, better-than-a-TED-talk presentation aces? In my experience, it takes Bill Smartt. Bill has an eclectic background as both a New York actor and a corporate comms pro …and what a powerful combination that is. He offers practical guidance for owning any podium (“Are you still breathing?!”) as well as an understanding of the complexities in financial messaging. And as an added bonus, he brings a dose of Southern graciousness to all tasks at hand. I love what he’s done with us.

Erika Knudson

Associate Director of Marketing, Princeton University Office of Development

If you have a big presentation or speech on the horizon, or just want to polish your speaking skills, Bill is your man. When a colleague and I had a presentation to give at Confab, Bill worked with us to hone both the structure of our presentation and our delivery. He was brimming with creative ideas and on-target tips, and his coaching boosted our confidence, helped us polish our slides, and gave us great advice for everything from breathing to modulating our pace. He is insightful and incisive, and I highly recommend that you find out for yourself how amazing Bill is. Hire him. His last name is very appropriate: After working with him, you’ll definitely feel smart with an extra “t”, and ready to face any audience.

Maria Zeckhausen

Director at Credit Suisse

Bill served as communications coach for IT women, sharing his acting expertise and experience to develop their presentation and presence skills. His workshops were very popular and always had an extensive waiting list. Bill’s practical tips and friendly approach are engaging and effective at developing oral communications and presentation skills, and his expertise is so advanced that even seasoned presenters stand to learn something new.…



Fundraising: Julia Pimsleur

Julia Pimsleur is the CEO and Founder of Little Pim, the leading system for introducing young children to a second language. Little Pim has won 25 awards and features the proprietary Entertainment Immersion Method®. Julia Pimsleur grew up in the language teaching business; she is the daughter of language teaching pioneer, Dr. Paul Pimsleur, as well as an award-winning filmmaker and mother of two. She has raised over $4.5M in Angel and Venture funding and $20M in philanthropic dollars and blogs for Forbes.com about entrepreneurship.

Prior to founding Little Pim, Julia was the co-founder and CEO of a film production company which produced independent documentaries sold to HBO, Cinemax Reellife and PBS. Julia has a background in fundraising as well as filmmaking, and drove $20M in contributions to international human rights organizations, including Echoing Green, CPJ and Witness. She currently serves on the Advisory Board of Global Language Project, a nonprofit which brings free foreign language instruction to kids in disadvantaged public schools, and as Communications Chair of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Julia earned her B.A. from Yale University, an M.F.A from the French National Film School in Paris and attended Harvard’s Executive Education Program. Julia speaks French, Italian, some Spanish and lives in New York City with her husband and their two energetic young boys, 4 and 8.

Public Speaking: Bill Smartt

Bill Smartt is the president of Smartt Talk Inc., and has led communication workshops and individual coaching sessions at General Assembly, Brooklyn Brainery, American Express, The Maestro Project at Sunshine Suites, Little Pim, Method, Planned Parenthood, Credit Suisse, Arc90, and Kindling Inc. He has experience in account management, software sales, project portfolio management, financial controlling, and as a software product specialist. Bill brings 20 years of experience to his role as communications coach having worked as a performer, teacher, writer and producer in San Francisco, Seattle and New York. Bill has a BA and MFA in Acting, and was an adjunct professor at Queens College from 2004 – 2009.



Dates and Rates

2013 Academies:

Saturday, April 27
Saturday, September 21

Hours: 10 – 6:00 PM
Lunch is included

Academy takes place at:
41 Union Square West, Suite 725 at 17th Street
New York City


$800 for the full day Academy (a $1,200 value). Includes day of learning with small class (8 maximum), materials, one-on-one 90 minute public speaking coach session, individual attention, lunch.

Discounted rate of $640 (20% off) available via partnerships with these organizations:
New York State Small Business Office, EO, EO-Accelerator, She-EO, Echoing Green, Women Entrepreneurs Festival.



 10:00 – 10:30     Introductions

 10:30 – 12:30     What You Need to Succeed Part I (Julia Pimsleur)

 12:30 – 01:15     Catered lunch on site

 01:30 – 02:00     What You Need to Succeed Part II (Julia Pimsleur)

 02:00 – 03:30     Acing the Pitch (Bill Smartt)

 03:30 – 04:00     Break

 04:00 – 05:00     VC Guest Speaker

 05:00 – 06:00     Solving Individual Challenges
Guest Speaker:

Jay Levy
is a co-founder and partner of Zelkova Ventures. Jay focuses most of his time in working with the current portfolio company and looking at new investments in the software-as-a-service, internet media and green tech space.
Jay launched his entrepreneurial career while in High School with his first web-services firm, providing web development services to early stage companies. After high school, Jay moved to New Jersey to attend Rutgers University, where he studied Finance & Political Science. While at Rutgers he helped to launch UConnections.com an internet portal for college students merging the office campus community with the dorm. While still in college Jay went to work for Morgan Stanley working on the development of their separately managing account business. After leaving Morgan Stanley, Jay helped to launch MPI Professionals a New York based financial service consultancy which was later acquired by a publically traded multi-national. More recently Jay was a founding partner of Trueview Services, an online monitoring solution targeted to the small business and residential market.Jay has been a recipient of the Crain’s top 5 Entrepreneurs to Watch in New York received the 40 under 40 Award from Westchester County.Jay currently resides in Manhattan and in his free time enjoys playing golf, tennis and running.
Past Guest Speakers:

Nikhil Kalghatgi
is an engineer, entrepreneur and product expert turned venture capitalist at SoftBank Capital. Nikhil is currently invested and/or actively involved in nearly 40 companies in Mobile (Soundtracking, Thumb), Social Marketing (BuddyMedia, Taykey), ad-tech (Moat, Criteo), Ecommerce (Gilt, GSI Commerce), and Funds (Lerer Ventures, TechStars, Gen Y Capital). Nikhil previously launched a hedge fund, a mobile app analytics company, worked in the military intelligence, was a UX designer and developer by trade, and is an alum from Harvard Business School. He recently served as a pitch session judge at the Women 2.0 Conference in San Francisco, CA.


note: each Academy is limited to 8 participants.


Funding Sources


Founded in 1999 in Silicon Valley, Astia is an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth. Astia offers programs for high-growth start-ups that deliver results.

Mission of Astia

Astia’s mission is to provide access to the networks and expertise that women high-growth entrepreneurs need to succeed, and ultimately to impact today’s global economy.

Astia Programs:

  • Provide access to capital
  • Ensure sustainable high-growth
  • Develop the executive leadership of the women on the founding team

Digital undivided

Digitalundivided (DID) is a social enterprise that builds forward thinking initiatives that fundamentally change the digital space by increasing the number of Black and Latino women digital entrepreneurs.

Investors’ Circle

Investors’ Circle is the oldest, largest and most successful early-stage impact investing network worldwide. Hundreds of angels, venture capitalists, foundations and family offices have joined us to promote the transition to a sustainable economy. IC has propelled $153 million plus $4 billion in follow-on investment into 255 enterprises and funds dedicated to improving the environment, education, health, and community.

Isabella Capital

Fund Isabella’s primary focus is on early stage, fast growth businesses that operate at the cutting edge of a market driven, technology based society.

Where most venture capital firms have financial or technical backgrounds, Fund Isabella brings the unique skill set of marketing and operations. The Fund’s founder is a proven entrepreneur with 17 years as a Procter & Gamble executive. By contributing intellectual and financial capital, Fund Isabella helps entrepreneurs build vibrant businesses and serves investors by delivering above-average industry returns.

Fund Isabella seeks entrepreneurial ventures with female leaders because we believe this to be an untapped market in the venture capital industry.

Springboard Enterprises

Springboard Enterprises is the premier platform where influencers, investors and innovators meet to help women build ‘big businesses starting small’. Springboard sources, coaches, showcases and supports women-led growth companies seeking equity capital for product development and expansion.

Over 500 women-led companies have gone through Springboard’s accelerator programs; they have raised more than $5.6 billion in financing, have created tens of thousands of new jobs, and generate billions of dollars in annual revenues. More than 80% of Springboard companies are still in business, including 10 IPOs and many that are now the technology engines of publicly traded companies.

– Accelerating women entrepreneurs’ participation in the private equity capital markets.
– Educating women entrepreneurs on the sources and uses of capital available for growing companies.
– Increasing the involvement of women in the private equity markets.
Promoting the success and impact of the members of the Springboard Trust.…